Fueled by high-octane pigtails and a steady diet of frozen yogurt, Stephanie Grace Lim is a photo-illustrating design machine. Winning hundreds of top industry awards, she has been nationally recognized for her photography, illustrations, and design. Among them, acclaim from Nikon, Society of News Design, National Press Photographers Association, the California, North Carolina and Michigan Press Photographer Associations, Associated Press, National Headliner Awards, as well as winning Michigan College Photographer of the Year, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

Sherpas have scaled the mountain of toys in Stephanie’s office at Apple. Previous heroic expeditions have taken place at PayPal, the San Jose Mercury News, Charlotte Observer, Ann Arbor News, and the University of Michigan. Her work has been featured in Life Magazine, People, Ebony, Photographer’s Forum, and Print Magazine.

In addition to being Chief Design Ninja at Apple and running her own photography business (Stephanie Grace Lim Photography), she's been the Principal Creative Designer at PayPal, Features Design Director at the San Jose Mercury News, a hip-hop dance teacher, and jet-setting creativity seminar speaker. In her spare time, Stephanie can be found hugging fat kitties, photographing chubby-cheeked babies, and training to be a world-famous sumo wrestler.
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